Rotary Mower Guide

There’s no doubt about it when it comes to mowers, that the rotary mower takes some beating. For its all round ease of use and versatility the rotary blade mower is an all round winner.

It comes in many different forms including; roller mowers, four wheeled mowers, ride on mowers, mulching mowers, self propelled or with a powered drive. They are suitable for almost all lawns, even if you’ve let your grass get a little long and out of hand or have been a bit slow to get the first cut in, in the Spring then the rotary mower will get you out of trouble, being quite capable of cutting fairly long grass.

Although you won’t get as good a finish with a rotary as you would with a cylinder mower things are changing and rotary mowers are catching up and the results are still very impressive, especially the ones equipped with a roller, for most lawns the finish will be more than acceptable.

If you are in the market for a new rotary mower then you won’t go far wrong with either a Hayter or Honda roller mower, I’ve always used either one of those for all my lawn mowing and the results reliability is for me unbeatable. Like most mowers these days, you can get rotary mowers in both electric and petrol form. For me the petrol versions are far superior, although they’re more expensive the power and finish you get from them are far superior to there electric alternative. However if you only have a small lawn then an electric one is more than adequate.

Rotary mowers really are a versatile piece of kit that are more than capable of cutting uneven ground, long grass or wet grass. Always check that the blade is kept sharp and if you have a petrol mower make sure to service it annually.